Cequence Security provides enterprises with an ML-based application security platform that detects and stops sophisticated threats targeting public-facing web and API applications. Our products enable large enterprises to discover and classify their public-facing APIs for security risks, detect active attacks and threats on those APIs from malicious users, and protect the APIs from detected threats. Our products enable some of the largest financial, retail, and social media organizations discover and protect their public-facing APIs.

Devops Engineer Position

Profile and Responsibilities

  • Have 4+ yrs of experience in devops role.
  • Comprehensive experience with AWS or GCP including a solid understanding of CI/CD, Amazon S3, EC2, IAM, CloudFormation and Route 53
  • Deep troubleshooting skills that involves analysis of logs, traffic trace, configuration data, automation tools to resolve issues until end-to-end systems are functioning.
  • As a DevOps Engineer, building, deploying, and maintaining our cloud environment will be your day-to-day focus.
  • Automation is a part of your daily functions, so thorough familiarity with Unix Bourne shell scripting and other languages such as Python is a critical survival skill.
  • Experience with containers and Kubernetes.
  • Experience with building and deploying monitoring solutions like Prometheus, Kibana.
  • Interacting with the Engineering for supporting/maintaining/designing backend infrastructure for product support
  • Experience with infrastructure provisioning tools such as Chef, Ansible, or Puppet in production environments with many nodes.
  • Knowledgeable about security and networking
  • Experience with restful services, service-oriented architecture, distributed systems, cloud system (AWS) and micro-services.
  • Strong mission to put pro-active solutions in place to prevent future problems, and automate processes so that engineers can self-service their operational requirements.

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