Cequence Security provides enterprises with an AI-powered, container-based software platform that stops sophisticated bot attacks targeted at web and API applications, causing business logic abuse, and exploitation attacks on application vulnerabilities. These attacks cost enterprises millions of dollars each year in account take over fraud, stolen credentials and other forms of breaches. This platform can be deployed within customer premises as well as consumed by customers as a SaaS service.

Lead DevOps Engineer Position Overview

We are hiring a Lead DevOps Engineer to join our team that maintains and operates our SaaS service. This team is responsible for ensuring that our SaaS service has high availability, low latency and is highly secure.

The Lead DevOps Engineer will work with a team of highly skilled DevOps engineers to continuously improve reliability of our SaaS service through automation and process improvements, scaling and standardization. You will own various aspects of cloud operations including automation of releases, building out new cloud infrastructure, plan and execute a multi-cloud strategy, and daily operations such as system monitoring, alerting and troubleshooting. The Lead Engineer should have the technical skills to roll up their sleeves and provide technical leadership to major projects, and also empower and mentor team members.


  • Maintain and operate a SaaS service with high availability, low latency and high security
  • Build automation and sophisticated CI/CD processes for rapid production deployments
  • Plan and execute a multi-cloud strategy
  • Be a technical lead in planning and decision making for the DevOps team


  • Bachelor’s degree in technology field
  • 5+ years of DevOps domain experience
  • 3+ years hands-on experience with at least one of the leading cloud providers such as AWS, GCP or Azure
  • Expert knowledge with Linux operating systems and command line tools, internet and network protocols
  • Experience with DevOps toolsets such as Chef, Terraform, Ansible, Puppet
  • Experience with CI systems such as Jenkins, GitLab
  • Experience with GPL such as Bash, Ruby, Python, Java, Go
  • Experience with containerization platforms, such as Docker, Kubernetes
  • Experience with automation tools to support monitoring and alerts such as New Relic, AppDynamics, Splunk, Demisto
  • Familiarity with branching/merging strategies
  • Familiarity with CDN/WAF such as CloudFront, Akamai, CloudFlare

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